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Welcome to the Function 2007 website

The party is over!


2007. 09. 27. - After-party collection
We added a little after-party section to the menu from pictures, reports, etc. Send yours too!
2007. 09. 24. - Party is over
The party has ended. Results are here, releases are available on Scene.org or Pouet.
2007. 09. 20. - ...and what you can win:
medals yay!

This, for example.

Also, the sponsor-page was uploaded with our supporters this year - huge thanks to them!
2007. 09. 12. - New compo: ANSI/ASCII
Due to requests from our artist friends from abroad, we decided to give a try to a new competition: ANSI/ASCII. Let's hope we can see many spectacular entries!

In an additional sidenote, we'd like to point out that deadlines are still open and will be open 'till the actual party - you can enter your works once at the partyplace, or through email (see contacts) if you cannot attend. (In which case it would be preferred to send your email before Friday, as we might be a bit busy to check email during the party itself.)
2007. 09. 09. - Minor change in schedule and dispelling rumours
An important update: because of unforeseen circumstances, we'd like to announce a change in the schedule - due to reasons outside our scope, we're forced to host a non-demoscene event in the main hall on Friday. This means you're unable to load your gear in before 20:00, but the rest of the partyplace will be ours and we will continue to party, likely outdoors.

The party will NOT be canceled. All scheduled events will be shifted after Friday 20:00 and will continue as planned.

We'd like to thank the people who spread these (unfounded) rumors before asking us - seriously, if the party would be canceled, don't you think we would've announced it already?
2007. 08. 25. - The timetable and seminars are announced!
The party timetable (or at least the first draft - changes might occur) and the synopsis of the seminars are available in the website menu now. Yes, we know it's unfortunate that the seminars are all in Hungarian - we will try to get a bit more international soon.
2007. 08. 05. - The official invitation has been released!
The official Function 2007 Invitation has been released at Assembly! If you want to see the video, you can show it here:
2007. 07. 14. - Game development competition rules online!
Finally, the rules of the game development competition are online and public, and available here. Hopefully we can put also the final buffet prices, and the events and timetable soon online as well. (We're working on it.)
In the meantime, for those who want to have the party date displayed on their Google Calendar, click here.
2007. 06. 26. - We forgot about this one:
We also have a banner:
2007. 06. 23. - Website open!
Fanfares roar and kettle drums roll as we announce yet again the opening of this year's Function party website. We have already uploaded the more important information, and missing details consdering the compos will soon follow! You are also able to register this year, and we will be happy to host you this autumn as well!