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Generic compo rules for every platform

Graphic compos


Character-twiddling at it's very fullest - when pixels are too much!

Handdrawn graphics

Entries should use traditional handdrawn techniques, such as pixelling or freehand painting.

For I am The Witch by Delilah

Freestyle graphics

Entries are allowed to be created by any tool or creation method available, such as photo retouching or 3D rendering.

Urban by KB Arts

Music compos

Tracked music

Entries which were created with traditional tracker programs.

Streaming music

Entries which were created with modern studio techniques.

Game development

Yes, this one is new! For details, go here!

Demo compos

Wild/animation demo

Tipogödör vs. Exceed - Lloco
Entries which don't fit into any other category. Short films, rendered animations, Flash movies, machinima, alternative platform demos.

256 byte intro

256 bytes of coder mayhem, get the most out of a quarter kilobyte.

Digimind - Demoplex

4 kilobyte intro

4 kilobytes of visuals and sound packed together to create the ultimate coding challenge.

Dilemma - Pirate

64 kilobyte intro

Archee - Shatter
64 kilobytes providing endless possibilities to show off in music, code and graphics.


Rebels - Farewell
Have all the space you want for creating the masterpiece of the demoscene.

Compo machines

PC 1

PC 2