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Magyar változat

Frequently Asked Questions and stuff that's useful to know

About the location

Are there any ATM's nearby?
Yes, the bus stop nearby is located at a square with 4-5 different cash dispensers.
Are there any shops nearby?
Yes, although unfortunately it's not open non-stop. On the other hand, the terminal stop of the suburban train (HÉV) is right next to a freshly built TESCO.
Is there any parking space around?
Sure, the space in front of the place and the little street right next to it (Erzsébet utca) is freely available for parking

For foreigners

How well do Hungarian shops accept euro?
Fairly rarely. Larger malls and supermarkets usually do, but smaller shops most likely won't, so changing your currency is advised.
Is Hungary a member of EU/Schengen?
Of EU: yes. Of Schengen: not completely. You're not required to have a passport to enter the country if you're an EU citizen, but an ID card is still needed.
How cheap is food in Hungary?
Compared to a "western" budget, quite cheap. For comparison: a bottle of beer is around half a euro, and a burger is generally around one euro.
I can only book my flight for the day before and/or after, but I don't want to go to a hotel... Can I find a place to crash?
Likely, but you must contact us in time beforehand!

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