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Function 2007 game development competition

Our newest competition this year is in game development - the idea is fairly simple: create an entertaining, simple (or complicated) computer game, that can be enjoyed by the audience throughout the party.

The rules are the following:

The game can run on any platform, but that said, there are a couple of things to consider:


Because of the demoscene's knack of working creatively with limitations, we decided to add a little twist to the story, and defined an exact motif for the games to follow:

The concept of the game must include circles or spheres.

What does this mean? The point is to have the above notions to play a major role in the game. It doesn't matter what role that is - they can be related to the characters, objects within the game, the playfield of the game, anything; just make sure the game has a lot of circles and spheres.

To give an example, Pac-Man wouldn't pass the test because the only spherical things in the game are the main character and the pellets. However, if Pac-Man would be played on a maze that's made out of concentric circles, it would be much closer to the above idea. Another good example is Freestyle's single player Pong - while the paddle itself isn't circular, everything else in the game is.

Of course, we will take this rule rather lenient, unless the game has really nothing to do with the concept - the point is to have some sort of common ground between the games competing, so the audience can have a common red line to make decisions about.